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Elmec QualityQuality Control

Tests and checks on the product and the production process are carried out in an air-conditioned Metrology Room equipped with state-of-the-art measuring instruments for the turning machining sector.

The production process control procedures cover the commissioning phase of the machine and the issuing of the approval to produce, and all subsequent processing phases up to packaging and shipment.

Guaranteed traceability from raw materials to the finished product delivery
Optical in-line controls
Checks carried out with automatic optical machines directly on the line during the production
At the customer request, automated final checks on 100% of the batch to ensure zero waste
Control operations are carried out both by the workshop staff and by an autonomous function independent of the production process: the Quality Control department. The controls cover both the verification of the product characteristics, aimed at ensuring compliance with the technical requirements, and the monitoring of process parameters in order to prevent any out-of-tolerance cases, reduce waste and strengthen the corporate ability to produce only compliant parts. All measuring and monitoring instruments are verified and calibrated at predefined frequencies according to procedures that guarantee compliance with the metrological chain, which can be traced back to nationally and internationally recognised primary standards, such as samples certified by laboratories belonging to the Calibration Service in Italy (SIT Centres).

Type of test, measurement and inspection equipment: Multi-sensor CN optical measuring machine – ViciVision optical measuring machines for production line – SPC (statistical process control) control station – Interapid compasses with a 6 to 30 mm measuring range. – Officine Galileo hardness tester – MG bore gauges – 10x-20x-50x Microtecnica profile projector – Jenoptik roughness tester – Mitutoyo comparators – Vernier calipers – Outer dimensions micrometres with a 0 to 75 mm measuring range. – Inner diameters micrometres with a 6 to 40 mm measuring range. – Plain ring gages – Gas, metric, NPT, UNF Go-NoGo threaded rings – Gas, metric, NPT, UNF Go-NoGo threaded buffers – Weighing systems – Parallel plane gauge blocks 0.5 to 100 mm, grade “1” and grade “0”.

In order to be able to pursue the goal of zero waste, we have a specific department entrusted with 100% inspection of the finished product at the customer’s request, carried out by both specialised personnel and automatic sensor and optical machines, with an inspection frequency that can exceed 100 pcs/minute.

Elmec Certifications


Elmec S.r.l. Quality Management System is certified by DNV-GL in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Click on the following link to download a copy of the current certificate. Please note that the validity of the certificate is guaranteed by an annual audit. To check the actual validity of the certificate, please refer to the Accredia organisation website, which is updated periodically.
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